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Here are the questions our customers most frequently ask us - if what you're after isn't covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

About Our Sales Territory Locator Software

Will it work with my website / store platform?

The short answer is almost certainly yes. Our Sales Territory Locator software works an every web, E-Commerce or Blogging platform anyone has ever asked us about. Feel free to contact us to ask, but if you can add HTML to your site, you should be able to install our Sales Territory Locator.

How does it work?

It's simple. Your customers visit your "Sales Territory Locator" page (can be called whatever you want) and enter their Zip Code, Postal Code, City or address and all of your business locations (setup by you) display on an interactive map based on their location.

Is it hard to get install and get started?

Not at all! We've got integrations for all the major CMS and eCommerce platforms but in all other cases it's just a case of pasting a snipped of text into your website. No coding, we promise and we are available to help get you started at any time and at no extra cost.

How resilient is your service against outages?

Our Sales Territory Locator uses Amazon's Cloudfront CDN and S3 platforms to achieve best in class service availability, scalability and resiliency. More information found here.

Do I need a Google Maps API key to use the Sales Territory Locator?

Yes, as of June 2016, Google require an API key for all new websites. Don't worry, API keys are completely free and allow up to 25,000 map loads per day.

Is there a limit to how many locations I can have

Each plan has a given limit on the number of sales reps or dealers that can be added to your sales territory locator. Our largest (Enterprise) plan supports up to 100,000 locations.

Is it limited to just sales reps and dealers or can it be used for different types of search?

Our locator can be used for any kind of area based search where you want to return the - distributor locators, dealer locators, doctor locators, whatever your requirement is, we can support it. All the wording in the locator can be changed to suit your business.

What information does the sales territory locator show?

It can display any information you'd like (phone numbers, hours of operation, sales rep or dealer features, etc) and it will also provide driving directions without requiring users to navigate away from your web page. Click here to view a live demo.

I have thousands of locations, do I have to set each one up manually?

Absolutely not! We have a bulk upload tool which allows hundreds, or even thousands of reps and dealers to be created at once to save you time!

I am located in country xxx, is my country supported?

We support locations in any country where Google Maps provides a mapping service which is virtually the entire planet. The list of supported countries can be found here. We require Map Tiles and Geocoding to be supported for our Sales Territory Locator.

Is your service secure?

Security is one of our top priorities. See here for our detailed security statement.

Subscriptions and Payment

Do I need a card to signup?

Absolutely not - you'll only need to enter payment details if you want to continue past the end of your trial.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at any time without notice - even mid-month in which case we'll refund your monthly payment pro-rata.

Can I switch between plans

Of course, you can switch between plans without notice. The difference in plan costs will be calculated pro-rata depending on what date in the month you switch.

Is there a discount for annual payments

Yes, we support annual payments and there is a discount of 10% for subscribing to an annual plan.

Setup Questions

Why does the Sales Territory Locator appear differently on my website compared to your demo page or the preview?

The style of some of the sales territory locator elements such as the size and type of the font used will be inherited from the CSS used in the page on which it is hosted. This is designed to be the case so that the sales territory locator has a similar appearance to the rest of your website or store. If you'd prefer to have it appear differently we can help with this by applying some custom styles - just reach out to us via email or using the Intercom chat.

Can I set up the sales territory locator on more than one page on my website?

Absolutely - there are no restrictions on where your sales territory locator is displayed either within one website or if you have multiple sites.

Can I link a search bar to my locator from another page?

We support linking from either a search bar on the same page or on a different page. Here's our guide on how to set this up.

Can I filter the sales territory locator by different product lines or location types?

Absolutely. You can set category filters for each location and choose which ones are displayed either invisibly so you can set a different locator view for each product, or you can allow the customer to choose via checkboxes or a dropdown list. See here for a demonstration of how filters work.

Can I configure the locator to be pre-set to show locations stocking a particular product?

Yes, the locator can be preconfigured to show a particular set of product filters, location or language.

Sales Territory Locator

Allow your customers to quickly find the Sales Rep, Dealer or Service Center for their Zip code, City, County or State.

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