Product Highlights

Here are our locator's key features. Something missing here? We've probably got it, just ask!

Simple Sales Rep Management

We support bulk imports and exports of salesrep data from Microsoft Excel, CSV file or via automated sync from Google Sheets.

Multi-Language Capable

Every text element in our locator can be customized. Want multiple languages? No problem, this works out of the box.

Fully customizable with CSS

Tweak every element of our locator - colors, fonts, text sizing, map styles, anything can be adjusted via our simple interface.

Smartphone View

Unlimited Usage

We don't meter your usage - every one of our plans offers unlimited usage.

Incredible Support

Free onboarding service and 24x7 support available via online chat or phone if you prefer. We don't stop until you are up and running.

Highly Available and Secure

We use high availability Amazon services for 99.999% availability and secure all communications via SSL to guarantee the integrity of your data.


Power Store Locator

Suitable for all business types

Every element of the locator can be customized including the map design, markers, wording, buttons, layout and everything else.

  • Choose a Google Map Style
  • Upload your own Map Markers
  • Define fonts and colors
  • Adjust layout
  • Built from the ground up for mobile
  • Automatic Geolocation using GPS
  • Address auto-completion built in
  • Instant directions to your sales reps

Full Feature List

  • Works in every country that supports Google Maps (i.e. pretty much everywhere)
  • Mobile first design supporting every major smartphone, table and desktop platform
  • Fully customizable map designs and location markers
  • Full localisation / multi-language support
  • Built in directions on desktop and support for native Maps directions on mobile
  • Bulk sales rep and sales area uploads from Excel or CSV file
  • Unlimited / unmetered usage on all plans
  • Built in product filtering allowing customers to find the reps that stock a particular product
  • Set the map location at page load
  • Address search auto-completion / auto-suggestion
  • Automatic geolocation using smartphone GPS with failback to IP location
  • Opening hours support and 'opening hours today'
  • Support for custom data types so you can present any data you like
  • Hosted on Amazon S3 / Content Delivery Network for maximum speed and security
  • Support for address submission via form on another page
  • Data analytics package built in - see where customers are searching for your reps
  • Set the order in which the reps are shown at page load
  • Friendly support available 24x7 with free onboarding service to get you started
  • Prevent competitors from seeing your list of distributors
  • Add images to your reps and display them inside your listings
  • Support for agencies with multiple clients (discounts apply, do get in touch!)

Is there are feature that you need thats' not on this list? If so, we almost certainly support it or if we don't, we're happy to undertake development on your behalf (free of charge) if we think your suggested feature would benefit the rest of the PowerStoreLocator community.

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